Why I'm Running: 

Most of my life I believed there were elected people operating in the best interests of the general population who, regardless of party, would use decent, logical leadership to set balanced policies and promote the well-being of all. In recent years, I’ve increasingly come to realize there are some in government who are only looking out for themselves.  What has recently passed as acceptable in Frankfort is not. The division, secrecy, and disregard for many is dangerous. It undermines government and good people.

Our government belongs to us. We are responsible for the way it operates.  I decided to run for the House of Representatives because I believe Kentucky must have fair, compassionate representatives who are committed to doing what is good for the largest number of citizens.

I will not back down on what is best for Kentucky. I will be open and transparent. I have never shied away from a challenge or hard work and I have a long history of service to others.  I want to be elected so that I can be a strong voice against the current administration’s dedication to attacking teachers, breaking unions, cutting college supports, damaging the environment and aggressively targeting working people. I would be honored to serve as your congresswoman.


Personal Cell: 270-559-7388

Email: martha@marthaforep.com

US Postal: Box 9353, Paducah, KY 42002-9353
Or, drop by BikeWorld at 809 Joe Clifton Drive in Paducah


Join us as we work to bring Western Kentucky values to Frankfort!